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Bright Amponsah

Community ambassador

Since completing his studies in International Relations and Sociology at the University of Aberdeen,  Bright has been working in both Further and Higher Education.  

He has recently qualified as a teacher (Life Long) and has in the past worked on the Scottish Parliament’s Community Partnership Project which saw him delivering workshops in schools and other education establishments in the North-East of Scotland and ultimately presenting a report in Holyrood on ‘Social integration and cultural exchange’.  

Bright is fluent in Italian and English and has extensive knowledge of running campaigns, practical and theoretical approaches to young people's engagement and of developing policies on social integration and cultural exchange.

About working with New Europeans, Bright says:

"It is great to be part of a non-partisan group that works to ensure over 3 million tax payers in UK get to have a say on their representation. There is something fantastic about being part of a grassroot think tank that aims to make sure people understand the power they have and the influence that comes with it. "


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