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Anna Pastore

Interim Registrar and Finance Officer

An LSE Alumnus, Anna has extensive experience in communications and research, having worked in both the for-profit and non-for-profit sector as a communications and research coordinator and consultant.

“I am proud to be both an Italian and a European citizen, and I think that the two things can mutually coexist. At New Europeans, I want to contribute to build a new narrative about what the Euopean Union will mean for our future generations, to leave to them a reformed Europe, that will be up-to-date and closer to their interests”. 

Her deep interest for organisations and businesses with a social impact brought her to work as a fundraiser and business consultant for New Europeans, gaining experience in events organisation, client relations and operations development.

A high achiever and advocate of social change through education, she has also been employed by a London charity to supplement their work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

She has a keen interest for grassroots organisations, for them to find innovative and entrepreneurial ways to get their projects funded and to engage with a wider public.



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