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Adrien de Sutter

Project management advisor, EU27 Forum

Adrien previously worked previously in the area of software project management for the delivery of technology-driven solutions for the academic and research industry.

Having worked closely with academics during his time in project management, he decided it was time to join them, and is now pursuing an ESRC-funded doctorate into the study of interdisciplinary collaborations within the physical sciences.

In addition to his work for New Europeans, Adrien is actively involved in issues associated to academic freedom, and is interested in the science policy implications resultant from an apparent rising distrust in expertise.

“The United Kingdom’s referendum on leaving the European Union was a watershed moment for me. I wondered why after two decades in a country I had called home, I lacked representation in a vote that would affect me, and other European citizens like me, more than most. New Europeans now helps me to have that voice.”


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